Medical Bills and Credit

Can Medical Bills Affect Your Credit?

Yes. Will medical bills hurt your credit by appearing on your credit report? It depends. Most medical bills do not initially appear on your credit report. Many of these debts are not credit-based. You don’t apply for medical services the same way you would a personal loan or credit card. This means medical debt is not regularly reported to credit reporting agencies. If not reported, then there is no medical debt credit issue.

How Does Medical Debt Hurt Your Credit?
Unpaid medical debt, as with other debt, may move around between collection firms. This means debt collection companies and law firms may buy your medical bills in a portfolio of debt. There is a chance the collection company will report your debt to a credit reporting agency.

Medical Bill Lawsuits and Judgments
Creditors / debt collectors do normally give up if they cannot collect from you. The final straw is to file a lawsuit against you. Once they win the suit there is a judgment against you. The judgment may appear on your credit report.

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