TV Writers and Format Creators

Writers know that pilots are hot right now.  There are contests entirely focused on them, agents and managers who won’t even look at your work unless you have an original script in your portfolio, and production companies that are buying up these fresh stories hoping to find the next LOST or Desperate Housewives.  This is your “baby” and it needs protection. We can assist both with copyright registration and attachment or purchase agreements so your idea gets the respect (and you get the credit and compensation) you deserve.

For some insight into why you should seek legal advice along the way, see this case about Royal Pains. 

Format Creators are idea machines.  They can see the potential for a hit in reality shows.  Think of the minds behind such hits as Say Yes to the Dress, Jersey Shore, Minute to Win It, or Survivor.  If a production company is interested in your idea, they may want to move forward with development and pitching that idea to networks around town.  When that time comes, are you protected? A simple written agreement can protect your idea. Johnson & Moo can provide the legal assistance you need to protect your work and illustrate that you are a professional and expect to be taken seriously. 

For a warning about what can happen when shopping your format, view this story about Steven Seagal: Lawman.