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  • Panelist | The Pathway from J.D. to Entertainment & Sports Law Attorney | WRBLSA | January 10, 2015
  • Panelist | Entertainment Law Career Fair | Southwestern Law | February 23, 2013
  • Speaker | Gamer Technology Law | October 4-5, 2012
  • Speaker | Game Dev Law | California Lawyers for the Arts | June 23, 2012
  • Panelist | Entertainment Law Career Fair | Southwestern Law | February 25, 2012



Questions and Answers:

1) Few attorneys focus on video games and apps. Why do you?

Jovan: I have a special respect for people who create things. It is very difficult to take a concept and turn that into a final product…not to mention one that interests people. I want to help support that process. Further, many developers are hungry, hard working and friendly. Those are the kind of clients I want to work with.

2) What are your thoughts on the gaming industry in general?

Jovan: I love the current state of things. Although teams from the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley and Seattle continue to produce great apps, we see developers based in a variety of cities on app top lists. It’s as competitive as it has ever been. Everyone has a chance to do well. Distribution is not the hurdle it used to be. In fact it’s almost the easy part. Developers can focus on making fun games and determining how to market them.

3) What is the biggest problem the average developer faces?

Jovan: Lack of understanding of or experience with business operations…especially marketing. Paperwork must be clear and complete. Marketing plans must be created early and evolve constantly.


Jovan Anthony Johnson received his Juris Doctor in 2005 from Southwestern University School of Law. Prior to attending law school, Jovan attended the University of Southern California. He earned a degree in Business Administration. Throughout his time at U.S.C. he worked as a manager for the football program. In addition to assisting former Head Coach Pete Carroll, Jovan helped recruit athletes ranging from Matt Leinart (Houston Texans) and Steve Smith (N.Y. Giants) to Mike Williams (Seattle Seahawks) and Mike Patterson (Philadelphia Eagles).

Jovan has a entrepreneurial history consisting of Internet-related endeavors. He started marketing and managing web sites at the age of 19 with the creation of Within two years his network consisted of over 35 sites, all of which were profitable. And, not only was this experience rewarding but the entire venture was launched with only $40 in start-up cash.

Today Jovan enjoys helping video game and mobile app developers realize the full potential of their projects. Common issues include: privacy, publishing, copyright, and licensing.

His hobbies include cooking, dancing, and search optimization.