Trademark Registration

Would your trademark survive a legal challenge?

Protecting your trademark should be a high priority on any businessperson’s checklist. What is a “trademark”? Basically, it is a source identifier. It tells the world that your business is offering your particular goods or services under that name. When a trademark accumulates a certain amount of strength (known as “goodwill”), then the law will grant the owner certain rights in that name.

For example, let’s say Pete starts a business called “Pete’s Shoes” and opens stores all across the nation. At a certain point, Pete would have a strong claim to the name “Pete’s Shoes” because the public associates that name with his chain of stores.

Usage determines the strength of your mark, so it’s important to start branding your company early so that people will start to associate your company name with the products and/or services you offer. One way to protect your trademark is through federal trademark registration. We can help you register your trademark to help protect your company’s good name. Contact us today!

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