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Welcome to Johnson & Moo. Our firm specializes in the practice of entertainment law, including music, television, film, art, video game, and app law. Each of these specialties presents unique legal challenges to creators, and our firm is dedicated to helping clients navigate the exciting but complex world of entertainment. Taking a creative vision from conception to reality is not easy. With Johnson & Moo, you’ll have an experienced attorney protecting your interests and advocating for your creative work at every step.

We know we aren’t the only option for your entertainment law needs. What we can offer you, though, is a vastly different experience from that of other firms. We are a small firm, which allows us to treat every client like he or she is our only client and our utmost priority. We believe you’ll find the way we practice law a breath of fresh air.

Our attorneys are as personable as they are knowledgeable and professional, for one. Second, we pride ourselves on being unfailingly responsive to client communications. You can count on your attorney to return calls, answer emails, and address concerns promptly. Above all, you can trust Johnson & Moo to represent you with the same passion you pour into your creative work, whether that’s the next blockbuster app or the album that revolutionizes a genre. We chose this area of law because we admire and respect the creative process, and it would be our honor to represent you in that journey.

Music Law

Rock stars have one of the most coveted jobs in the world, but they also face their fair share of legal headaches along with the music, the groupies, the glamor, and the fame. The music industry is fraught with legal issues, from drafting a record deal to signing a contract with an agent or manager.

Indie music attorney Kamal Moo of Johnson & Moo knows the ins and outs of the industry and can help you protect your music, your band, and your career. From 360 record contracts to hammering out the details of a band agreement, Johnson & Moo welcomes all your music law needs.

App Law

Johnson & Moo offers one-stop shopping for app companies, individuals, enterprises, and app developers. Not only does our firm specialize in app law, including app copyright and trademark, but we also offer consulting services to see you through the business side of things. Our enterprise app consultant services for iOS and Android will guide you through the development phase of your app to ensure a successful launch.

We offer both app management and app marketing services to clients. Our app management service will assist you in soliciting bids, choosing a developer, and more. Our app marketing service performs market research to gauge demand for your app and craft a strategy to catapult your app to the front of the market.

Video Game Law

The world of video game law largely centers on copyright and licensing issues. Our firm has extensive experience navigating game creators through the nuances of both. Paperwork may seem like a subordinate concern to creativity, but failing to draft the right documents early in the game-development process can lead to legal nightmares down the road. You can trust our attorneys to handle things like ownership issues, obtaining any necessary permissions, evaluating publishing deals, and drafting contracts with voice-over talent.

The entertainment industry is a thrilling but challenging one. At Johnson & Moo, we understand the realities and intricacies of your industry, and we’d like to give you the advantage of experienced, client-centered legal representation. Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help with your entertainment needs.

Film and TV Law

Our firm can help you safeguard your rights in your film or TV project to ensure you reap the rewards of your creativity. Myriad ownership issues can arise in the production of a movie or television script. Without proper counsel on the intellectual property and other issues that your script will face, you risk having your work commandeered by a studio.

Our firm can walk you through the legal formalities necessary at each stage of the production process to establish clear chain of title. If you’re a screenwriter, TV writer, or format creator, we can help you realize your idea on the big or small screen.

Art Law

Visual artists typically encounter legal questions at the creation, exhibition, or sale phase of their work. Anticipating and preparing for these legal issues will help you protect yourself as an artist. Aside from intellectual property issues, visual artists often also face contractual questions. Artists can look after their interests by having an attorney draft contracts with dealers, private buyers, galleries, exhibition spaces, and other parties. You can rely on Johnson & Moo to insulate your work from copyright infringement and guard against unnecessary risks so you can keep your focus where it belongs — on your art.