Music Articles

Information contained in these articles should provide clarity and guidance for common music-related issues and questions. Feel free to contact us for any questions or assistance. 

Music Publishers

“‘Hey there, Mr. (or Ms.) Songwriter, you should let me take care of the business stuff for you so you can dedicate all your time to writing songs.'”

360 Music Deals

“This approach inherently allows artists to tour and build a following without the hassle of third party creditors breathing down their necks.”

Manager vs. Agent

“In terms of compensation, an agent is usually paid 10% of the artist’s income, and a manager is paid 15%.”

Record Producers

“[B]y necessity, the role of the producer varies according to the style of music…” 

Band Agreements

“[A] band is a business. It has income and expenses that need to be tracked, taxes that need to be paid, and business decisions that need to be made…”