Record Contract Drafting Negotiation

Now more than ever you need an attorney on your side who is familiar with the ever-changing pace of the music industry. Due to the explosion of modern technology over the past decade, the traditional record company model has undergone an extreme makeover and this, of course, has affected the deals they offer to artists. A newer but increasingly more common type of contract is the 360 deal, which allow record companies to share in profits from all sources of an artist’s income, including record sales, touring, merchandise, etc. Because these deals are relatively new to the industry, you need an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with them.

Kamal Moo, partner at Johnson & Moo, has negotiated several types of recording agreements, both traditional and 360. Mr. Moo has also worked as an artist manager for years and thus understands how these contracts affect the day-to-day lives of artists. Mr. Moo’s unique experience as both an attorney and artist manager has helped and will continue to help our music clients secure the best deals possible. Please do not hesitate to¬†contact us if you have any questions.