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children’s yoga program app

Jessica Rosenberg created the ‘Super Stretch Yoga’ app on iOS. It brings gaming, video of real kids and animated characters to life introducing yoga as Edutainment. The app teaches kids to take a step forward to be the best that they can be through breath and movement.

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Jovan Johnson: What has been the general response to your app?
Jes: There have been some stellar highlights for the ‘Super Stretch Yoga’ app. It has gotten incredibly positive feedback and reviews since the Sept. 21, 2011 launch:

·    New and Noteworthy on iTunes the week of Oct. 8th, 2011 
·    Star and Tribune newspaper article in front page of Variety Oct. 17th, 2011 
·    Kare 11 TV Motivational Monday segment, Oct. 31, 2011 
·    Reviews from premier blogs: PadGadget, Appolicious & Best Apps for Kids

Jovan: When do you think businesses should consider releasing an app? 
Jes: Once you have the funds in place I suggest that you have a good concept and strong story, exceptional development team for the app, lawyer to help with the trademark and business aspects of the concept, PR team in the wings, strong web presence [YouTube, FaceBook page, twitter]… I can go on and on! Truly, no better time then the present because if you don’t do it, someone else will.

Jovan: How did you select the company / programmer who coded your app?
Jes: Puny Entertainment came highly recommended by a friend who has worked with them before. We basically interviewed each other and it was a good fit. It also helped that I had all the assets and art done from the flashcards/books so they were producing the app from existing collateral and not creating something from scratch.

Jovan: Can you provide tips for developers looking to market themselves to businesses?
Jes: Plant your stake on the moon and then figure out how to get there. Dream big! Trust yourself and your idea.

Jovan: What is your favorite aspect of your app?
Jes: As guide and friend Super Stretch talks to you, the viewer. The interactive fitness app brings gaming, video of real kids and animated characters to life introducing yoga as Edutainment. Super Stretch Yoga characters learn how to overcome challenges through yoga.

Jovan: What’s next for Super Stretch?
Jes: Breathe, stretch, play and make NAMASTE a part of your day! Stay tuned for more apps, DVD, digital download books. Adventures of Super Stretch Teacher Trainings… So, stay tuned to twitter and make sure to be a ‘fan’ on the Facebook page to get daily tips and tools to engage kids in yoga.

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