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Bio: Jessica Rosenberg has been practicing wellbeing disciplines since the mid-eighty’s and teaching yoga for more than 11 years. The result is a wonderfully blended teaching style, unique sequencing and challenging, classes for adults and children that balance body, mind, and heart to help students enlighten up.

Jes merges her passions for yoga, philosophy, learning, storytelling and teaching with her background as an Industrial Designer. She is the Designer and co-founder of – a movement of yoga beyond studio walls, connecting and creating a community raising awareness and money for great causes.

She created the ‘Super Stretch Yoga’ app on iTunes that brings gaming, video of real kids and animated characters to life introducing yoga as Edutainment. The app teaches kids to take a step forward to be the best that they can be through breath and movement.

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Jovan Johnson: What was the inspiration to create The Adventures of Super Stretch (AofSS) in 2001.  Why create a yoga app for kids?

Jes: The Adventures of Super Stretch Yoga was founded in 2001 when I started teaching yoga classes to children. I began teaching in nursery schools, at high school events, yoga studios and classes for at-risk youth. Kids today have so many challenging issues in their busy, overscheduled, over technological lives… peer pressure, ADHD, weight issues, etc. When I taught I noticed how yoga helped to build self-esteem and teach kids to find balance in their lives.

Teaching yoga to kids is very different then teaching yoga to adults. So, I started creating a bunch of fun props to keep their attention: flashcards with characters on them, storybooks and coloring sheets. NAMASTE became the acronym for Super Stretch’s mission to “Make NAMASTE a part of your day”. And at the end of class every kid gets to become a part of the team.

The tools really help children to empower themselves in a healthy, fun and most importantly engaging way. They learn the immeasurable benefits of yoga and that they are SUPER by taking a step forward to be the best that they can be through breath and movement.

A video project I worked on in 2010 for a MN S.H.I.P. Grant Program teaching kids how to create calm before test taking sparked an idea. Edutainment is the key. The flashcards and books have been great tools to teach yoga to kids, but there is always a facilitator. By making an enticing APP parents, caregivers, grandparents and educators can have a tool to use get kids to do yoga without knowing anything about yoga themselves. And do yoga movements anytime, anywhere. In the car, at home, in the stroller, at school in the classroom…

Kids already watch cartoons on TV, play on the computer and use apps on the iPad/iPhone. So, why not learn yoga and healthy tips for living from a cartoon? After an incredible learning experience and working hard with a development team, the characters came to life! Now, Super Stretch and his 52 animated friends, who are all yoga poses, teach yoga/fitness as they go on exciting adventures.

Jovan: You recently released an app to support AofSS. What are your goals and objectives with regards to your app?

Jes: To create a larger audience for the brand. By building the Super Stretch story in the app store it creates a global presence that I could never create just from Mpls, MN. People in Ireland have bought the app!

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