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Bio: PJ Vilsaint, founder and president of Super Fun Games, is a music composer at heart. PJ wrote and performed every audio track for our first game Music Block Attack, as well as released a full soundtrack for the game which can be found on itunes. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education at Arizona State University and has since formed Super Fun Games in 2010.

Jovan Johnson, app attorney:When did you first want to make games?

PJ Vilsaint: I first started in 2006 with a small team called Melody Studios. We wanted to create music games for major consoles since those are some of my favorite games (hence MUSIC block attack). The team slowly fizzled and it wasn’t until late 2010 that I saw real opportunity with the mobile market.

Jovan: What kind of training do you have?

P.J.: I’ve always had a strong musical background being in High School and College bands as a saxophone player. A buddy of mine asked if I could do a few songs for one of his game projects and in 2009 I started seeking private instruction for piano, music composition and audio engineering.  

Jovan: Why did you go the indie route?

P.J.: I feel there is great opportunity and freedom creating indie games. There is also this great sense of community between other indies across the world that is exciting to be a part of. I’ve met very talented programmers, artist and level designers that all want to work together. 

Jovan: Your studio is based in Phoenix, Arizona. That city is not exactly a developing powerhouse. How has that affected your approach?

P.J.: I’ve learned that there are people all over the world that want to develop games. A lot of them outside of California. I feel my studio gives programmers and artist the chance to make games without relocating or changing their whole lives. 

Jovan: What has been your biggest success?

P.J.: Our biggest success was releasing MBA into the App Store. It feels great working hard for a common goal and see it available for others to buy.

Jovan: Do you have any tips for new developers?

P.J.: Don’t give up! Work together to resolve any and all issues to get the job done and out to the public.

Jovan: You released Music Block Attack, a rhythm-based puzzle game for iOS platforms. Why should people check it out?

P.J.: I believe this quote will tell you why:

“Super Fun Games has stayed true to their names on this one: Music Block Attack is one of the most addicting games on the mobile market! The game’s simple yet engaging puzzle mechanics will keep you playing “just one more level” for hours.” 

-Corey Nolan, International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Board of Directors, Chair

Jovan: What’s next for Super Fun Games?

P.J.: We have 4 games lined up for the next 8 months. First up is Cuddly Bears in December; an adorable match-3 game that is more about pairing boy bears and girl bears together. 

In January we will release Arrow Climber; a neo-noire themed line-drawing espionage game. In Spring we launch Knights; a deep tower offense game. Next Summer we have Snowman Wars; a fun and whimsical RTS tower defense hybrid.

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