Enterprise Mobile App Consultant | App Consulting

You have THE idea for an app but need help. We can consult to help see your idea through the development stage and a successful launch. We can assist with management (including planning and monetization), marketing and legal. 

App Management – From soliciting bids and choosing the right team of developers and creatives to create your app to planning features and monetization methods, we can be as involved as you would like. 

App Marketing – We will research the demand for your idea and create a strategy to get your app in front of your target market.

App Legal – We will protect your app with copyright and trademark filings, your website with the proper privacy policy and terms of use agreements, and you with the proper company structure.

Our Clients
We are able to provide advice and direction for enterprise, small business, or individuals. It does not matter if you are located in California, in the United States, or outside of the United States.


Contact us now if you are serious about creating a successful app.