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Luis is a co-founder of Novy PR, a California-based pr firm focusing on mobile and indie games makers.

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Jovan Johnson, app attorney:What kind of impact can a solid PR campaign have on sales and revenue?

Luis Levy: It’s hard to make a direct connection between PR and sales. Apart from the coverage itself, measuring game PR is difficult. Still, a great PR campaign will always result in a stronger brand for the client, recognition among the industry’s greats (leading to new business) and an influx of new players. We help clients go out into the world and become more visible to press and gamers alike. We also make sure that the studio itself gets the credit, which often doesn’t happen if the publisher is the one doing the marketing/PR push.

Jovan: How important is a game trailer? Do you have any tips on making a great trailer?

Luis: Trailers used to be optional for mobile games. Not anymore. Nowadays, developers should have three types of video: teaser, trailer and tutorial.

Ideally, the teaser will showcase the game’s art, story and music. Length should be 45 seconds to a full minute. The trailer should leave concept art behind in favor of pure gameplay (lots of it), and it can be a little longer as well—around a minute and a half. The tutorial should be a lightly cut, straightforward playthrough covering the actual tutorial or the first level, including intro and title screen.

Without a trailer, some sites will simply not cover the game. Blogs today – like Kotaku – put a lot of value on video, so screenshots will simply not do. You need to get all those video assets ready in both downloadable and embeddable formats.

Jovan: Your site,, makes clear that you specialize in mobile and independent game studios. What draws you to these two segments

Luis: It’s a short answer: I’m a mobile computing freak, and I love working with independent developers. More so, I think that mobile is a growth segment with the potential to take the industry over in 5-10 years, essentially redefining gaming as we know it.

We are living in a second golden age of independent development. If you add the frantic pace of technological advances to all the talent floating around, it’s easy to see why AAA, social and mobile games are evolving so fast.  I’m an early adopter and absolutely love to be on the cutting edge, so there’s no better place to be right now.

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