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mobile + consumer internet advisor | marketer 

Bio: A founding partner at RightVentures, Edith Yeung advises mobile and consumer Internet companies. Based in San Francisco, Edith is also the founder of BizTechDay.

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Jovan Johnson, app attorney: You co-founded RightVentures with Jonathan Siegel. Can you tell me about your firm and the range of services your you provide?Edith Yeung: We do seed investment and advise cloud computing and mobile app startups.

Jovan: What qualities does RightVentures look for in start-ups? How do you find businesses with those qualities?Edith: Entrepreneurs in cloud computing and mobile space who want to make things happen and change the world. Most of them found us by referrals from our entrepreneur, partner and investor network.

Jovan: Are you open to start-ups reaching out to you?Edith: Yes! Of course.

Jovan: What drives your interest in mobile and consumer Internet companies?Edith: The growth of the mobile industry is just fascinating! Smartphone sales reached 115M units in Q3 2011. That is 42% growth from the same period last year.

Jovan: You authored the article “15 Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile App.” Can you provide any advice for developers in need of funding to complete & market their app?Edith: It really depends on what type of apps you are developing and what your vision is for the apps. Marketing for a mobile game versus a productivity app require very different strategy. Getting funding may not always be a good thing. Iterate, test and gain as much traction as possible before even think about raising money.

Jovan: Edith, you have worked with international powerhouse companies, organized entrepreneurs, advised start-ups, appeared in televised interviews, been quoted in newspapers and spoken on panels. Which of your professional accomplishments are you most proud of?Edith: I am proud and at the same time feel very humble and lucky to meet and work with so many amazing entrepreneurs and smart people along the way. It’s about the what, but the who along the way.

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