Marketing Your App? Don’t Forget Your Website!

by Jovan A. Johnson, Esq. 

While I have seen app sites that are both fun and cutting edge, too many seem to either forget or ignore the basics. This confuses me as there is an entire world of traffic many developers are missing out on.

A properly planned and maintained site can do more for your traffic and bottom line than you might think. It can be a tool to earn money regardless of your position in the App Store, Android Market, or Amazon Appstore. Below are four tips for improving your site.

1. Content

The term “content is king” remains applicable, however passé it may be. While videos and pictures add to your site considerably, you cannot forget the importance of words. Use adjectives your customers use. Make sure the on-site description of your product differs from the descriptions at App Store and Android Market. Exact duplication is not good for business and may lead to search penalties if the description first appears at a site other than your own.

2. Navigation

Browsing your site should be an easy process. This requires accurate, clearly marked links. A visitor should never find him or herself unable to find a page he or she recently visited. 

3. Contact Information

Customers should have an easy time contacting you. Legitimacy is lost when contact info is hidden. The California Bar goes as far as requiring that member attorneys provide contact information on every page of their sites. Your Internet-based business is still a business. Communication with customers is a must. 

4. Search Optimization

Last but not least do not ignore search engine optimization. There is much to be gained for developers who heed this message.

Dominate Your Term

Your site should be #1 for searches bearing your app’s / product’s name. For example, “Stress Relieving App” should lead everyone to Related page and reviews should follow your site. This is achievable with minimal effort and experience. 

Broaden Your Reach

A thoughtful approach to search optimization provides opportunities for more traffic. People searching “make life easier” are probably in the target market for Stress Relieving App. To help them find your site you should consider a title “Make Life Easier With Stress Relieving App.” It takes nothing away from your product but opens up worlds of opportunities. 


What terms are your customers using in search? Google’s keyword tool is invaluable, free and should be your best friend. Use it to find the popularity of variations of words and phrases. Additionally, it helps you gauge the difficulty of achieving great positions for these terms.

Note: Jovan Johnson is a California licensed attorney practicing film and video game law. The information contained in this article is not legal advice. Reading this article does not create an attorney-client privilege. You should consultwith an attorney if you need legal advice.

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