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Bio: Alexander Ilin is the 28 year old founder of Holy Water Games. Living and working in Russia, he holds a masters degree in computer science.

alexander ilin

alexander ilin

Jovan Johnson, app attorney: What did you do before opening Holy Water Games?

Alexander Ilin: Before HWG I worked as a software developer, mainly on business applications implemented on .Net and Ruby.

Jovan: You are behind the hit mobile game Feed Me Oil. How long did it take before publishers started showing interest in your project?

Alexander: I started Feed Me Oil in August 2010 and signed a contract with Chillingo in January / February 2011.

Jovan: Chillingo is obviously a well-known and successful publisher. What kind of impact have they had?

Alexander: As I said we started working with Chillingo in February 2011, and we spent every month from then to release (June 2011) working closely with their production team to polish the game and make it as accessible and addictive as we could. The game went through quite an evolution, and both Chillingo and I are extremely proud of what we made.

Jovan: Having been published by Chillingo and featured in Apple’s App Store, how do you set goals and objectives?

Alexander: Honestly, I do not set any goals or objectives. I just try to make the best game possible. 

Jovan: I have heard industry professionals say that all games are variations of other games. Feed Me Oil seems quite unique. Where did the idea come from?

Alexander: It was the “Unfinished Swan” game trailer. When I saw it, I decided to make a game with fluid. I don’t know why :).

The Unfinished Swan – Tech Demo 9/2008 from Ian Dallas on Vimeo.

Jovan: Do you get lots of requests to work on your team?
Alexander: We have enough people in our team right now, so we are not hiring.

Jovan: What’s next for Holy Water Games?
Alexander: I think our next game will be Feed Me Oil 2, but there are 2-3 other games in our minds. 

Jovan: What would you tell the developer who feels s/he has THE next big idea?
Alexander: You should definitely work to implement your idea. It is hard work and you have to be patient. But there is no reason to wait. 

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